The Bungee and Bike Debaukle!

Howdy!  So, we had a fun week last week. The boys all did great practicing counting money and pretending to buy things. WH also did awesome at counting change back to me. 

The best thing…well, to me, was WH and the bike and bungee debaukle. WH had the great idea to use hook the wagon up to his bike in order to get dirt for our seeds we were going to plant. He hooked up the wagon, brought it down to us and we loaded it up with dirt. Well, about halfway back he noticed he couldn’t go anymore. Lol. At first he was really upset when he saw what had happened, of course I saw a learning experience. The Bungee had tangled up in his chain. He was starting to get mad and saying things like, I can’t do this, I give up. Some might have helped their child…, nope. Lol. I stood there and said, calm down and look at it. Figure it out. At first he was not happy with me, but I want him to realize he does not always need my help. He can do it himself. After a few minutes of trial and error, he finally got it untangled and hooked back up to his bike. He was so proud of himself and I was proud of him too.  Sometimes the simple things in life can be an awesome learning expirience and confidence builder. That is one of the reasons I love homeschooling.  I get to have more of these moments with my kiddos. I would love to hear any kind stories you might have where you had unexpected learning moments. 

Changing It Up!

Hey everyone!  I hope you all had a good week. I have a question for you all. Do you always follow a certain schedule/curriculum or do you change things up from time to time? I used to be very scheduled and this is what we do and we don’t waiver from it. I’ve changed quit a bit in the last year and a half. We sleep a little later, stay up a little later and our schedule is more flexible. We do have some curriculum that we use, but we take breaks from it now and take time to focus on other things. WH has been working and working on multiplication, so we are going to do some different things this week. We are going to work on counting money….with play money, not worksheets. We are going to have a store where the boys will use their money to buy their groceries and figure out if they have enough money for everything. We might even have to pay some bills. 
We are also going to be working on getting our seeds planted for our garden. We will discuss why we have to start some of them inside and others not util later and sowing then right into the ground. I think it will be a fun relaxing week of learning. 

I want my boys to learn about God’s love and creation, being loving people, showing kindness to others, have a good work ethic and education in that order. I have really come to learn that they will learn things as they are ready and although it is difficult, to let them learn at their pace. It may not always be the way the public school system or even you may like, but if we allow our children to learn at their pace and in their own way, things will go much smoother and everyone will be happier. I fail at this all the time and have to remind myself not to be so hard my boys. I am the hardest on my oldest, WH. I expect too much a lot of times and I need to learn to back off. He is an amazing young man and such a loving guy. He is more like his Uncle was as a child in that he doesn’t like hard work. His dad and I do like it so it is difficult for us not to get after him. It feels like he is lazy….but he is very smart like his father and Uncle and has the ability to be anything. We need to accept that and help him grow where his interests are…..but there will be some hard work in there. Lol. We want our children to be able to take care of themselves in many different ways and some of those ways require some work. Lol. Well, I guess we better get things moving here. I hope you all have a great week and remember to have fun with you kiddos! Mandy


I have to say, I really didn’t want it to be Monday already. It is cold and muddy here in Eastern Ohio and I just wanted to stay in my nice warm bed. It has been a tough winter, not because of a lot of snow or extreme cold, but because it has done nothing but freeze and thaw all winter. We all have had cabin fever because it’s not warm enough to play outside in the mud, but it’s not cold enough where the ground is frozen and you can play or work on something. 
Part of our homeschooling is usually done outside in some way. Or at least observing something…..well, we have been able to observe what freezing and thawing water does to the roads. Lol. I can truly say that this year spring and summer can not come fast enough. I can’t wait to go on nature hikes with the boys, build things in the garage and just play…..and hopefully see the sunshine. 

How has your winter been?  Have you been stuck inside or able to get out. Maybe I’m just a wimp……I just do not like mud!  Lol. I can handle cold, snowy days, just not mud and that’s all we have had. Anyway, thanks for listen to me complain this week. Lol. I am thankful for all of God’s creation and the beauty in it. I hope you have a wonderful week!  Mandy

Happy Monday!

Hey everyone!  I hope you all had a great week!  We had a pretty good week, but I was so tired that we changed up school a bit. One thing that we found and loved was the YouTube channel called Geography Now!   WH LOVES it!  He was even asking to watch it after he completed his independent work. It goes through the countries of the world alphabetically in a lighthearted, fun, neutral manner.  WH has been telling his dad all about it as soon as Ben gets home from work. Thank you Barby!  (He’s the host of Geography Now!)  

We also watched some classic movies….They all loved Price Brat and the Whipping Boy…great for discussion afterwards. We also watched Annie, and Mysterious Island (the old one)  they didn’t care for either of those. Let me know if you have any favorites especially that boys would like.
LH and WYH have been working one reading and writing. LH is really starting to come along now. We have been using Hooked on Phonics, Life of Fred Beginners, Reading Eggs and just regular story books. I love it because he is starting to realize he can sound things out…..I love it when they get to that stage and they shock themselves by reading something. 
WYH…he’s a different story. Lol. He is my most difficult child to get  to do what I would like him too. He is a hands on kid that loves to create things and figure out how things work. I don’t push him too much yet, I have a feeling that I will have to teach reading to him differently. If anyone has any suggestions that I could try…please let me know. 

We also got to go to the zoo this weekend. WH was able to go to a class about rescuing sea turtles. He had a lot of fun and thought it was awesome that he got to go through the doors in the aquarium that say “Staff Only.” Lol. He said he wants to take more classes and then when he turns 14 become a volunteer for the zoo. I loved seeing him get excited about it. Well, this has turned into a much longer post than I meant it to be. I hope you have a great week and enjoy your time with your children. Remember, we only have them for a short time before they grow up and leave the nest. Talk to ya next week!  Mandy

Hey There!

Hi there everyone!  I have to say, it feels good being back. I hope you have all been doing well this school year. 

We have been focusing on math, animal science, writing and reading. We add different things at different times to shake things up a bit. 

My husband did sex ed/ relationships class with our oldest, WH. He used a very thourogh, tasteful, Biblical based curriculum with WH. I do admit, I am thankful we have boys and that my husband takes the time to teach them certain classes….especially sex ed. Lol. I’m not embarrassed, I just feel he understands what they are and will go through better than I do. 

One thing that we have started doing is giving WH  more independent work. It has made all the difference in many areas and he is doing great with it. He even asks for his list so he can get started and get done. I am really proud of how he has been doing. Also, if you have been following me for a while, you know WH has hated writing. Last year, we did all the boring stuff in language arts…you know sentence structure and all that jazz…and you know I am terrible at. Lol. This year, to try and help WH learn to enjoy writing, he is creating a book of short stories. I am super proud of him too. He has gone from dreading it and writing one paragraph stories to writing chapter books. AND, he doesn’t complain about doing it at all!  It is a huge break through. We are planning on having his stories put in book form at the end of the school year and continuing to do this every year, but getting more and more in depth. Well, I have a ton of stuff to get done. My house is a mess and we need to finish up some things for school. I hope you are having a great day and if not….give yourself a break and relax, easier said than done, I know. We only have one life though….make it a happy one. 😊

Talk to you all later!