The Last Birdie Flew Away

As you know we have been watching two nests of eggs. Nest one, we never did figure out what kind of bird it was and the nest was high so it was difficult to see. Ben and I saw the last little chick in the nest. It was looking around and seemed to be thinking about flying off and it must have, but we didn’t get to see it. That nest is now empty and awaiting for eggs to come again next year. 
The second nest, we did finally confirm that is was a robin’s nest. WH saw that three of the four chicks had left, but one wasn’t quite ready to take off yet and was still in the nest.  We went to bed and we’re getting ready to head to LH’s gymnastics. WH wanted to check on the chick before we left. It was a good thing he did too. He heard a high pitched chirping and followed the sound. He found the chick under the deck all alone and vulnerable. He brought the chick to show me and he fed it a worm. I told him to put it back in the nest so it could try again. When we came home WH was happy to report the chick successfully took off and was on his own. 

It was so fun to watch and help these little chicks. God’s creation is so amazing. I hope you all have a wonderful summer and I will do my best to keep you up to date with all our adventures!  Have fun!

Memorial Day

I just wanted to write a little note to remind us all to remember the reason we have a Memorial Day. It is to honor and remember the men and women that have given the ultimate sacrifice to keep us free and safe. The soldiers and their families deserve our unconditional respect and gratitude. There is no way we can say how much it means to us and the future of our country. May God Bless all of our men and women serving in the past, present and future. Thank you is not enough, but it is all I know to say.  So, thank you for so much for unselfishly giving of your life for me and my family. 

Nest Two Update and Summer Break!

  • The boys have loved watching these little ones grow. We are able to get really close to the chicks in this nest. WH actually touched one of the babies. Yep, I asked him not to do that anymore just to be safe. In love watching the boys learn about God’s creation in real life….not just books or videos. 
  • We finished up school for the year yesterday. The boys were excited about starting summer break. LH was funny though. He used the Thinking Tree book Comic Math the last couple of months and he was sad because we didn’t quite finish it. He did an amazing job working on the book and he really enjoyed it. I highly recommend it.  LH loved it and I didn’t have to help him much at all for his first time doing addition and subtraction….well besides on Math Seeds. I also love the mixture of math, art and Language arts. LH doesn’t get bored with the book that way. We are going to get another Comic math for him to refresh his memory in the beginning of next school year. We will also be getting one for WYH. I am hoping to get the boys each two Thinking Tree books to start next school year. I think the boys will really enjoy them. WH will be completing the Yummy schooling cookbook over the summer. We are all looking forward to that. Lol. I will try to remember to post some pictures of him making and us eating his creations. I better get off here its getting late and I need to get to bed. I do have one question for you all. Do you take a summer break or go year round with breaks throughout the year?  I hope you have a great weekend!  Remember those that have given their lives for us to be free!  Happy Memorial day!  Mandy

Nest One Update

They are getting big!  It’s amazing how fast they grow!

Getting pretty crowded in there!  

Feed me!

More Babies!

The rest of the eggs have hatched!  The boys love watching God’s creation in action!  Here are some pictures of the new babies. 


The first nest of eggs have hatched!  We are anxiously awaiting for The second nest of eggs to arrive.   Of course we observed the difference in the nests and egg colors, shapes and sizes. We will keep you posted in the rest of our chick adventures!  Hope you are all having a great weekend!  

Happy News!

Well, I haven’t written for a while so I need to give you all an update on things in Hunt’s Happy Homeschool. 
So, as you know, the best with eggs that we were watching didn’t make it. 😞  Well, WH was out with playing with our two hens the other day and saw another nest with robin eggs and LH found one with another type of eggs in another nest, we aren’t sure what they are yet. We can’t see that one well enough to get pictures, but here is a picture of the robin’s eggs. It is always so exciting to watch the chicks grow!  

Other news: We are starting to switch over to fun schooling . I had heard of The Thinking Tree books and decided to get one for LH. We got Comic Book Math. It is so awesome. He is doing basic math with hardly any help from me at all. It also has language arts, and art. I was able to get two more books. Yum schooling a cookbook and the other one is a story writing book. WH is going to be doing their cookbook over the summer.   It has baking, science, art and language arts. The books combined many subjects together and a lot of them use library books to go along with them. There are even some that use Mincraft….which I am going to get for WH. We only have three of their books right now, but we plan on getting more as we can. I am really excited about it. 
Ok, what else…..I can’t think of anything else even though I know there is more. Lol. I think I am already in summer mode. We are so ready for a break. 
Oh yea!  I just remembered. WH is joining CAP, Civil Air Patrol. I am so excited for him!  He has been interested in aviation for a while and wants to get a pilots license. Well….to do that is way expensive and not sure how we could even work it out.  I found out about CAP from a lady I follow on Facebook. It is an amazing program. WH will actually get to fly 5 times a year in the from seat with the pilot and he can go up as a passenger in the backseat as many times as he wants to. Plus there are so many other experiences he will get to do I can’t even remember them all. Plus they use so many acronyms I get lost. Lol  I better get off here. I hope you are all doing well! Let me I how your school year has gone this year!  If it’s been a good one, great!  If it’s been a tough one, I’m sorry, but keep up the good work!  You are doing a great job!  Talk to ya later!