I love it when my kids get creative on their own. WYH had collected pinecones because he wanted to make a pinecone birdhouse. He came up with this idea all on his own. He was so excited when I told him, “we sure could make a pinecone birdhouse.” Lol.


He knew how he wanted to make the birdhouse so we got out the hot glue gun and went to work. WYH would layout the pinecones where he wanted them. I would apply the hot glue and then together we would put them together. After we made sure all the glue was set we put wire around it to make a hanger and found the tree he wanted to hang it in, and hung (hanged or hung…you know me and spelling and grammar lol) it up.


He was so happy he got to make his birdhouse. Now, just to wait for a birdie to call it home. I can’t wait to see his face when he sees a bird in it for the first time.


Encouragement Monday

Good morning all!  As I look out and see clouds and rain, I have to admit it saddens me some. We love being able to get outside and enjoy God’s creation. I have to remember that we do need the rain.  If we didn’t have the rain so many things would suffer.

The rain gives us life. It quenches our thirst and satisfies our bodies. Rain makes our plants grow and waters all of the earth.

We need to be like water to our children, quenching their thirst for knowledge and growth. Offering them life as we teach them about living for Christ and how they can conquer anything with Him.

So, I thank God for this rain. He is providing the ground with moisture and nutrients that will help our garden grow and the trees and wild plants to flourish, which make people and animals get the food and water they need. Thank you Lord for this beautiful rainy day you gave us. We will rejoice and celebrate your name because you supply all our needs. Have a wonderful day!

Book Report – A New Adventure


WH had really become a great reader. The last two years I have had him fill out book report forms. They weren’t anything major, they were just to help him learn the parts of the story and see how his comprehension was. He did very well on them, but he was starting to dread them and complained a lot the last few times he had to do them.

WH just finished his fourth book in the series he is reading called, Tales of the RAF, and he told me he really didn’t want to do the forms. I said, “well, you could write a few paragraphs to tell me about it instead.”  He wasn’t thrilled with that idea either, but I told him he could type it on the computer and he liked that idea. I gave him and outline of what he needed to have in his report and how the layout should be. Then he was trying to figure out how many sentences he needed to write to make a paragraph. I said, “WH, just start writing about the story. Don’t think about how many sentences you are writing.”  That seemed to make something click and he started typing. He had finished one paragraph in no time flat. Then had his next one done and then the last. He finished his report quicker than I thought he would. I was so proud of him. If you have read my past posts, you know getting WH to write has been a huge issue. He was proud of himself for doing it so well and so quickly.  We went back through his report and corrected a few mistake, but overall he did a great job.


I realized after he printed it that “continued” wasn’t quite right, but I just said, “Oh well!”  lol. I was thrilled with how well he did and that he did it with a good attitude.

I hope you have a great Thursday….it’s almost Friday!  Lol. Talk to you tomorrow.

Learning to Ride and Read!


Despite being nervous, WYH got on his bike and tried riding without training wheels. Ben held onto help balance and WYH did his best. Ben was able to let go a few times, but WYH kept looking back at him and that would make him wobble all over. Lol. He didn’t quite get it yet, but at least he tried. We were very proud of WYH for trying. He really didn’t want to, but with some encouragement from Ben and I, he was brave and tried it.


I love this picture of LH and WYH. LH got so excited yesterday because he is realizing that he really is learning to read. He jumped up and down shouting, “I’m learning to read!”  The next thing I see is LH and WYH sitting on the couch and LH is helping WYH read books. I love it!  I think it is so awesome when my boys  take the initiative to teach each other. I just sit back and watch when that happens. Lol.

Well, I guess I better get things going around here. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Monday’s Encouragement

Good Monday to you all! This one is going to be short because there is only one subject to talk about! It is such a good day!  Our Saviour is Risen and we will get to sit beside Him in Heaven!  How glorious is that?!?!  There are no words to express the love and comfort that I feel, knowing that I will get to be with Jesus in Heaven someday. To know that no matter what, He is always there for us. I hope you had a wonderful Easter and that you were able to reflect on the true meaning.  Have a great and blessed day!