Motivation Monday

I think this verse describes homeschool mamas perfectly. It covers so many aspects of our homeschool journey. So many times we feel like we have failed at keeping our homes clean, yelling at the kids, not taking care of ourselves,or not gotten through to our kids with their school work or just getting them to listen. We have tried to get them to read the same sentence for 5 days and they STILL can’t. We blame ourselves, our choices….we don’t look at the bigger picture. Maybe it just takes this child a bit longer to grasp…maybe they really arent ready to read yet. We compare ourselves to other homeschooler’s children and we compare ourselves to public school kids, we listen to the negative comments from people that don’t agree with your decision to homeschool. We need to stop all of that, but we also need to realize that we will fall time to time, but how we get back up again is the key. If we allow defeat, what are we teaching our kids, that they aren’t worth teaching? That when things get difficult you just quit. No, you get through the tough time, you move on, you try something new, you talk to your kids and are honest with them. Rise again! Rise strong and determined. Rise with a goal in mind, whether it is a goal for that day, that hour, that minute, accomplish something. Maybe just making your bed, reading a book to your child, taking some time to pray, meditate or whatever helps settle your mind and spirit. Lean on God and He will give you the strength to rise from the frustration, anger, hurt, insecurities. I have to tell myself these things too. We are not alone…we all go through these times, but how you rise from them is what we need to pay attention to. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and that if you are in the trenches right now, I pray you find strength and rise again! Talk to you soon! Mandy

Fyi, you guys are doing awesome at getting to the goal of 50 new followers by my birthday on the 12th. We still need about 30 more to reach the goal! I know you guys want that extra review and giveaway!

To Give or Not to Give?

A chia head picture, just for fun! Lol

Alright guys, I am still trying to decide if I am going to do an extra live review and then a giveaway on my birthday. I came up with an idea. If you guys share my blog and Facebook page and we get 50 new followers by Thursday I will do the review and giveaway! If we get the 50 new followers and we have the live post, I want to make sure any working mamas get in on it. Sooo, if we do it, I will show the review and then wait until the next morning to choose a winner. Then anyone that watches it later and makes a comment has a chance to win as well. I know many working mamas feel left out because so many things happen during the work day. I want to make sure we include them. So, share, share, share! We need 50 new followers to make the review/giveaway happen!! Thanks everyone! I appreciate all of you! Make sure to check out the links on my here too, there are some pretty cool things! Have a good night! Mandy

WordPress Peeps!

I shared some Thinking Tree books that are on sale today on our FB site. I will try to keep an eye out and let you guys know when books are on sale. Check them out if you get a chance. I don’t have much to say today. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Talk to ya later!

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I want to make sure that my WordPress readers know! I posted 4 Thinking Tree books on my FB page that Sarah (the creator of TT) put on sale! She even put her new writing and grammar book out and its only $10! Check them out! The links are on my FB page. Here is the link to my page:

Also, don’t forget! Today at 12:30pm eastern time will be my live Thinking Tree review and giveaway! You must be in the lower 48 and make comments or ask questions during the live review to be entered!

Giveaway Tomorrow!

Don’t forget my next Thinking Tree giveaway is tomorrow at 12:30pm Eastern time. To win you need to be on my Facebook live and comment or ask a question! I will do my best to answer all your questions. Also, You do have to be in the lower 48 states. I’m sorry to the rest of the world. Shipping is just a killer anymore. I cant wait to tell you about the two journals and to find out who the winners are! See ya tomorrow! Here’s the link to my FB page.