I can’t believe it!  My first post has 42 views already, I have met a fellow blogger from Australia…… and I have no idea what I am doing! Lol. I guess I’m doing something right. Hahaha!  I want to thank Notes from a Home Educator  for being willing to answer my questions and help me out.

I am excited about getting going and seeing who I have the pleasure of meeting.  See ya tomorrow!


Hey there, my name is Mandy. My husband and I homeschool our three boys ages 5, 6 and 10. I wanted to create this blog to connect and share with other homeschooling families around the world. To be there to encourage others in times of difficulty or frustration and to share all the good times, accomplishments and fun.

We started out with our oldest son, who we will call WH, in an online public school from kindergarten through third grade. I knew this is not what God had wanted, but I was fearful and I did not have the faith or confidence that I was “good enough” to teach my child. I was afraid I would just screw up and mess up my kid. Well, after four years of online school, which was extremely stressful for both my son and I, we decided to go the route God had wanted us to in the first place. We pulled him out of the online school at the end of his third grade year and I prayed and prayed for the confidence and knowledge to teach WH. I read a few books that I thought might help me and boy did God use them to help give me the courage and self esteem to do this. The main books that helped me were “Simply Homeschool” and “Called Home” both written by Karen Debeus. God really spoke to me through these books. That summer, after talking with WH, I casually worked out a plan for our year and I was actually done rather quickly. I didn’t make some big day by day lesson plan, that would totally stress me out. Instead, I just wrote down our school rules, our flexible schedule and what books we were going to try to get through that year. I tell you what, making God the head of our homeschool has made it so much better there aren’t words to describe it. Don’t get me wrong, we still have bad days, but the majority are good and we have fun. When WH was attending the online school, we had tears almost everyday. He hated the spelling words and test. We would study the words for the test, which caused a lot of frustration, and the next week he couldn’t spell most of them. He was good at math, but they moved so fast he would get confused and trying to memorize the multiplication facts was a nightmare.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. Sorry if my grammar is not perfect. That was my worst subject in school and I obviously am still not great at it. That doesn’t stop me from teaching WH though. We learn together. Sometimes I skip around in what I am saying too, soo, if you are confused by what I am trying to say……well, I’m sorry. Lol

I have a lot more to say, but I think I will stop for now. We are on Christmas break and my house is a mess, so I better get myself up and going. Please feel free to send me questions or to reblog. I truly hope I can help encourage others with this blog. Have a great day and remember everyday is a gift from God.