We finally got a good snow!  It has been such a mild winter this year. I mean we wore short sleeves on Christmas day. It was nice to finally have some snow. Of course we had to take advantage of it. After we did some Life of Fred and a few other things, we played in the snow. We let snow fall on some black construction paper so we could try to see the different designs of snowflakes. Unfortunately, the flakes were pretty small so they were hard to see. LH did like seeing part of the crystal forms.


After that I sent WH out with a stew pot to fill with snow. I didn’t tell him why. I did make sure to tell him not to get yellow or brown snow (we have a lot of dogs.)  When he came back in we added vanilla and sweetened condensed milk. WH stirred it up and we had snow ice cream.


They loved it!  They couldn’t believe how cold it was and that it didn’t melt from the ingredients.  WH said, “We have to make this every time it snows!  It’s delicious!” Lol. They had so much fun. They ate the snow ice cream all day. They wanted to build a snowman and and have a snowball fight but the snow was too dry for that. Hopefully we can get some sled riding in this week!  I love sled rid……I mean the boys love sled riding. Ok, I admit it, I love it too and it is some serious cardio!  We had a great day. I hope you did too and that today will be wonderful as well!  Make sure to have some fun with your kiddos today!

Good morning!


Good morning everybody!  I realize I sure make it sound like I am this perky morning person but I am sooo not that. Lol. I like getting up a little early because it gives me a longer day. I hate getting up early because I am so nice and cozy in my bed and it feels so good!  I think I hit snooze about 10 times before I actually get out of bed. It is a real struggle! 

Ok enough about that. Yesterday we didn’t get a lot of work done, but we did have fun. WH and I had a competition. The picture I posted at the top was a color by number addition up to 20. There were almost 400 problems on the sheets. I gave WH a five row head start and then I started working on mine (yes Minecraft lovers, I did use the wrong colors but it was so we didn’t have to share markers.)  We both worked as fast as we could. I tried my darndest  but he won. He finished about 20 problems before me. It was a lot of fun. We would peek at each other’s paper and poke little jokes here and there. He did a great job. The only thing I had to talk him through a few times was if he made a mistake. He is a  perfectionist in certain ways. He accidentally used the wrong color on the first line he did and right away he said, “I ruined it!”  I was able to get him past it by suggesting that he was just giving the character a few pimples or freckles. He thought that was funny and was able to get passed it. It actually took us a while to complete so I just had him do a couple of Language Arts worksheets, an online spelling game and some independent reading for the rest of our day.

LH and WYH did some Reading Eggs, Mathseeds and some coloring. They did a great job. LH is now learning the days of the week and is too cute when he tries to tell you them in order. He doesn’t  have that down quite yet. WYH is a bit ornery. He was supposed to be doing his lessons on Mathseeds and I found him twice in the game section. Lol. He is too much!  He did get a couple of lessons completed though.

It’s about time for breakfast so I better get off here. Have a great day!

Monday’s Encouragement


Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Homeschooling can bring on stresses that others do not understand. I know one that I struggle with is from friends or family that don’t get it when I vent about homeschooling. Their first suggestion is, send them to school then. I want to scream at them a great big “NO!” Just because I’m venting doesn’t mean I’m giving up or want to change anything. I’m just having a rough day. Maybe I’m grumpy or one of the boys isn’t cooperating, but that one day or even week doesn’t mean I’m going to quit. I’ll admit, I almost did a couple of times. The one time I had had it.  I was done. I looked at up talking to God and I said, “God I need a big sign from you if you really want us to do this because I am about to give up!”  I calmed myself down, turned on the TV and couldn’t believe what I heard. No kidding, the first words I heard were, “we have to homeschool our children.”  If I didn’t hear that sign of confirmation for us to homeschool then I would be like on Bruce Almighty where he is driving down the road asking for signs from God and they were everywhere and yet he still didn’t see them. Thankfully I was not that blind and I accepted what God wanted us to do. Since then we have made Him the leader of our school and we still have rough days, but they are not near as often and we get through them better than before.

I have also come to the realization that if you don’t get everything done you wanted to, it’s ok. You will get it done in time.

The biggest thing I learned about myself was that if I was having a bad morning and was grumpy. DO NOT try to do our lessons together. Make it an online day or projects they can do on their own. I have tried too many times to do our lessons when I am grumpy and it always turns out bad and with someone in tears. I love my boys so much and I never want to make them upset because I can’t control mouth. Just let that day go and start new the next day. Heck if you need a week to get yourself back together, take it. That’s the awesome thing about homeschooling. The learning is always happening so even if you need a break it’s ok.

I pray that God gives you all the strength, self confidence and love you need to help you on this journey. It is an honor and privilege to have this time with your children. Embrace it. You won’t have it long. I know I am not the best mom in the world. I make A LOT of mistakes, but I do my best to make sure I will have no regrets with my kids. They and my husband are my life and I thank God for them everyday.

Looking forward to Next Week


Fezzik was helping WYH feel better.

Well, if you followed us this week, you know it was a rough start to the New Year. Car breaking down, sick kiddo etc. Even though things didn’t go as planned, we still stay positive and try not to get frustrated by not getting done what was planned.

I used to get so upset if we didn’t get everything done for the week.  I especially got stressed if WH missed a day when he was in the online school. It felt like a lot of pressure to get his make up work done and the work they were currently on.  God has really helped me let that go. We get done what we get done. If someone gets sick or something happens we take care of it and then get back to where we were. Life is too short and spending time with your kiddos is too important to stress the small stuff.  Trying to push them to get something done doesn’t help them learn and it only causes you stress.  I still do get stressed sometimes, but not like I used to. God has helped me to chill out and just go with the flow when it comes to homeschooling.  

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and cherish the time with your family. We are looking forward to a happy and healthy week!  See ya then!

Oh well!

Sorry I am late getting this post out. I was more tired than I thought. Our school day yesterday didn’t go as planned. Poor WH got sick and so he and I were up late into the night. He is feeling better now though.

Since he was sick we didn’t do any work in LOF or any of our “normal” lessons. We did find an awesome American history show on Netflix that we watched. Its called “The Men Who Built America.”  What was awesome was that it talked about Carnegie, Frick, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, Edison and Tesla. WH loved that he already knew about all of these men, but learned even more about them. He was mad at Edison because he found out that in trying to show people that Tesla’s AC current was more dangerous than DC he killed an elephant. WH loves history and if you have a history buff this is a great series on American History. It doesn’t just show all the good things either. It shows how ruthless, competitive and greedy they were. 

LH and WYH just did some online games and such. Not too much able to happen when you have a sick one. We are going to take it easy the rest of the week and are hoping next week we can really get ourselves back into our routine. I truly hope you all have a great day! 

Good Day


WYH working on coloring and tracing words.

We did it!  We had our full day of school yesterday. It wasn’t totally smooth, but we accomplished everything we set out to do.

As you can see from the photo WYH worked on some coloring, tracing and word matching. He did an amazing job too!  LH also practiced some tracing and writing. He worked on recognizing patterns too and did great.  After that they both did a few lessons on Reading Eggs and Mathseeds. WYH got to a quiz on Mathseeds and passed it all by himself. He was so proud. They usually tell me when they get to a quiz, but he surprised me and took it and then told me he passed. It was too cute. 

WH started his day by doing some independent reading. We got him some books about the Royal Air force and he loves them. The stories are fiction, but they have facts in them about the Royal Air force and they teach morals like loyalty, friendship etc. He and I then worked on LOF (Life of Fred) Math and LOF Language Arts. He struggled a little and wasn’t totally into it, but he did well overall. After all of that was said and done we started our new geography class. WH wanted to watch and read about Mexico first so we did. We got out our globe and showed the younger two where Mexico was and then compared it to where we are from.  WH and I watched the video about Mexico……well WH did I kind of accidentally fell asleep. 😁   Something about snuggling with my kids that just puts me to sleep. Lol. Anyway, WH enjoyed the video and learned a little about Mexico’s cities, terrain and people. It was a good day! 

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Not How We Expected to Start


WH making a new bookmarker.

Well, so much for a smooth start back. As we were finishing up our Bible study yesterday, I got a phone call from my Uncle. I thought it was my Uncle, but on the other end was my husband Ben. That caught me totally off guard. Ben was on his Way to work and he doesn’t just stop at my Uncle’s house. Then Ben told me that his car broke down. Oh yay!  Lol. So, I loaded up the kids and headed out to rescue him. It was pretty cold out so thankfully my Uncle was home and Ben didn’t have to wait outside. Oh yea, of all days he had forgotten his cell phone. Silly man!  My husband called for a tow truck, which showed up pretty quickly, then we followed it to the car repair shop. After dropping off the car and telling the shop what was going on, we took Ben to work then headed home.

We finally got home around noon and had lunch. We didn’t do what I had planned for the day, but we did get in some math, reading, art, Reading Eggs and Mathseeds. They also learned how tow trucks work. Lol.

I love homeschooling for so many reasons. One of my favorite though, is that my children see that if your family or someone needs you, you drop everything to help them. That education, work, play or whatever is not more important than your loved ones. Sometimes I think we forget what our priorities should be. God, family, friends and those in need should come before anything. School, careers and so many other things seem to take us away from what really matters in life. I love being home with my boys. I do not want to regret anytime with them. I’m not perfect, I make mistakes all the time, but I apologize and try to do better.  It’s about time to start devotions. Have a wonderful day!