What’s Up Wednesday

Morning guys! I hope your week has been going well. Ours has been a little abnormal….good, just not our normal schedule. Monday we took off just to spend some time relaxing together and Ben hadn’t been feeling well so he needed the extra rest anyway. Yesterday the boys and I went on a Field trip to our local state park for a homeschool bird and wildlife demonstration. Did you know hummingbirds only live in North and South America, that there are over 320 different breeds and only sixteen of those breeds live in the US and only one breed lives in our home state of Ohio? I was blown away! Lol I thought I knew a lot about our local birds, but I was schooled. Lol WH and LH really enjoyed it. They loved seeing a wing from a hawk and different sized eggs and skulls. It was pretty neat. WYH didn’t really get into it, he just kept climbing up and down on the fence rail beside me. Lol After that we took a little drive to get a small treat and then headed home to finish up chores and play. LH had gymnastics yesterday evening. Ben and I took him and dropped him off then went on a mini date and got a couple of Auntie Ann’s pretzels…those are so yummy! Then we headed back to watch LH for the rest of his practice .

That’s about all we had going on so far this week. What have you all been up to? Anything new or exciting? How does your schedule usually go or are you a more spontaneous kind of family? Let me know! I love to hear about different styles of homeschools. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week! We are looking forward to another field trip tomorrow! Talk to you later! Mandy

Author: huntshappyhomeschool

I have been married to my wonderful husband, Ben, for 20 years. We homeschool our three boys, WH, LH and WYH. They drive me nuts and steal my heart all at the same time. We are Christians and strive to show our faith and God's love through how we live our life. I hope this blog will be encouraging to you in your homeschool journey.

4 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday”

  1. The bird demonstration sounds fun. Ohio really only has one type of hummingbird? Interesting! Our week so far has been pretty normal. My son and I wake up early to get him to his scripture study class (called Seminary) and we listen to an audiobook on the way and back. Then we come home, eat breakfast and my son watches three online classes in a row. I usually watch his history class with him because it’s such a great class. Our Fridays are fun though as we have a nature club with other homeschool families. Last Friday we visited a farm with a train and corn maze. This Friday we’re visiting a Pumpkin Walk which is made up of pumpkin displays, such as scenes from movies.

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      1. Isn’t Fall the best? We use a distance program through an LDS-based private school. It’s cool because they film their classes live and they teach our beliefs.

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