Giveaway Tomorrow!

Don’t forget my next Thinking Tree giveaway is tomorrow at 12:30pm Eastern time. To win you need to be on my Facebook live and comment or ask a question! I will do my best to answer all your questions. Also, You do have to be in the lower 48 states. I’m sorry to the rest of the world. Shipping is just a killer anymore. I cant wait to tell you about the two journals and to find out who the winners are! See ya tomorrow! Here’s the link to my FB page.

Author: huntshappyhomeschool

I have been married to my wonderful husband, Ben, for 20 years. We homeschool our three boys, WH, LH and WYH. They drive me nuts and steal my heart all at the same time. We are Christians and strive to show our faith and God's love through how we live our life. I hope this blog will be encouraging to you in your homeschool journey.

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