Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful time off and are ready for the new year. Hard to believe 2016 is here already.

We are getting ourselves ready to get back into the swing of things. I will admit, the first week back is hard for me to get into. I do like having a schedule though (a flexible schedule that is.) I love the Holidays, but at the same time things are a bit chaotic. So, getting back to a schedule, especially bedtime, is really nice. 

Since my first posts gave you some background, I figured now I should tell you what we try to do on a daily basis and what classes we strive to do. 

The very first thing we do everyday is devotions, praise songs and prayer. That is extremely important to us and get us in a good frame of mind for the rest of our day. 

WH then does independent reading while I work on basic math and reading with LH and WYH. They are 5 and 6 so we are mostly focusing math and reading, but we also do some science and history.

After LH, WYH and I are done with their lessons they do some online lessons using Reading Eggs and Mathseeds.

That’s when WH and I use Life of Fred for Language Arts and Math. We LOVE Life of Fred (LOF.) 

History, Science and geography we all study together and do not have any set curriculum. We let the boys choose what or where they want to study and go with that. They love being a part of the decision making.

We also teach them life skills on a daily basis. They help help us build things, garden, trouble shoot etc. They have chores to do around the house. We try to teach them to have a good attitude about chores, but I admit that one is difficult. There are many many more areas that we teach them, but to list them all would be impossible and probably boring for you. Lol. We do take field trips and participate in a local homeschool archery program. We strive to have learning happening all the time.

Well, it is about time for us to get started so I better get off here. Please feel free to share our blog with anyone you think might like to here about our homeschool journey. Also, Please share any ideas you may have in the comments. We are always looking for good ideas to add to our school and I’m sure others are too. I hope you have a great day and here’s to the New Year!! 🎉

Author: huntshappyhomeschool

I have been married to my wonderful husband, Ben, for 20 years. We homeschool our three boys, WH, LH and WYH. They drive me nuts and steal my heart all at the same time. We are Christians and strive to show our faith and God's love through how we live our life. I hope this blog will be encouraging to you in your homeschool journey.

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