Online Public School Expirience

Hello there everyone!  I hope you are doing well. I’m going to finish up sharing about our personal experience with online public school.  Starting Monday I will finally begin telling you about our transition from online to true homeschooling.

I do want to make sure I make it clear that all of WH’s teachers were very nice. We had an issue with one, but it was resolved with a simple email. I could tell his teachers did care about their students.

One thing that I really started to notice was the focus on all the state mandated testing. I couldn’t believe how much pressure the teachers seemed to be under to get their students to perform at a certain level.  I know that has been everywhere, I was just seeing it personally for the first time. It seemed like the kids were always practicing for the tests or studying for it. There was less and less actual learning happening. WH was getting more frustrated and was having a lot more trouble focusing on his classes because of this. He was bored too. He LOVES learning, but it didn’t seem like learning anymore. It was more like an institute that you had to walk, talk and sit one way and no other way was accepted.

WH does not learn math in the “traditional” way. He has his own way of figuring it out and he takes his time and gets it right. That was no longer ok. He had to do it there way or it was marked wrong even with the correct answer. He also came to hate writing. I know you have to write in school, but they pushed him so far he absolutely hated it. I could tell he was unhappy and honestly I was too. I hated it when I had to make him learn spelling words for a test or use flash cards and try to get him to be fast at multiplication. That’s not the way he learns. It caused him so much stress that he would cry. After I finally surrendered to God and said, Ok ok, I’ll do it your way. Things turned around like you wouldn’t believe.  I’ll admit, he still doesn’t like to write a lot, but it’s getting better.

I pray you all have a safe and wonderful New Year!  I’ll back Monday!  If you enjoy my little blog you can follow me by clicking on the follow buttons below. Also, please let me know if you have any homeschool questions or if you are struggling and would like some prayer support…..or even if your not struggling and would like prayer support. You can email me at if you aren’t comfortable leaving a comment below.

Author: huntshappyhomeschool

I have been married to my wonderful husband, Ben, for 20 years. We homeschool our three boys, WH, LH and WYH. They drive me nuts and steal my heart all at the same time. We are Christians and strive to show our faith and God's love through how we live our life. I hope this blog will be encouraging to you in your homeschool journey.

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