Good Morning!



Well, day 2 of our new adventure in blogging. I have to thank all of you that read my first blog I truly appreciate the comments and support.

Ok, to continue from yesterday. Like I said, WH had started homeschooling in an online public school.  I thought it would be so easy. I would just make sure he was in his classes on time, he would do his assignments and that would be it. Kindergarten and first grade were….ok. No real homework and we were done by noon. He did hate all the coloring though.  Then second grade hit, still not terrible, but assignments got longer, classes got longer with only a few minutes in between. He was usually finished by 1:30-2:00. That was not what I was hoping, but I still said to myself, it was ok.  All the this time, I knew this was not the kind of homeschool God wanted us to have, but I was still insecure in my abilities to teach. So third grade came around and HOLY CRAP!  It was terrible!  WH hated it. Classes were about the same length, but more and more homework. He had extra classes to practice getting ready for all the testing. The testing stressed him out so bad he would cry before taking them. We had to take him to the school’s office for the tests where other kids took it with him. He liked seeing the other kids, but he was always the last kid done. He was only last because I had always taught him to take his time and do his best. It still upset him though….no one likes being last. He had to take the tests twice a year and the results did not make any sense at all. They were absolutely no reflection of his knowledge or capabilities.  What’s crazy is they had to take these extra classes to prepare for these tests and they didn’t even help him do well on them. WH was in school until 2:30-3:00 and had homework on top of it. By the end of that year he went from and A in math to a D. He loved math, so what the heck!  After the second set of these “tests” we had had enough. We prayed and decided to give God’s way a try the next year. All I can say is Wow, what a difference!  It’s amazing what can happen when you finally listen to God and stop trying to do things your own way.
Gonna stop for today, I think I have written enough anyway. My house is still a mess and I really want to get it cleaned up before our company comes over on Thursday for New Years Eve.

Tomorrow I will tell you more about our online public school experience.

I also want to let you know, that I will be writing in my blog Monday – Friday.  Weekends I am going to stay off to be with my family. If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them. Have a wonderful day!

Author: huntshappyhomeschool

I have been married to my wonderful husband, Ben, for 20 years. We homeschool our three boys, WH, LH and WYH. They drive me nuts and steal my heart all at the same time. We are Christians and strive to show our faith and God's love through how we live our life. I hope this blog will be encouraging to you in your homeschool journey.

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